Wednesday, March 22, 2006

the accidental

so i just finished ali smith's the accidental. and damn damn damn that woman is an amazing writer. a few years ago, hotel world knocked me out and now this. where has she been, what has she seen to have a mind like this? it's one of those books that's almost trance-y, dream-like. yes, it's like reading a dream. at times confusing, familiar, funny ha-ha and funny strange, unexpected and a bit surreal. i can't get enough of this chick.

ali smith can transcend both age and gender in her writing. believable and beautiful. if you haven't read this, you must. and when you get the book, check out the author photo. this is not the face that i expected. oftentimes, i'll read a book, check the author photo and think "absolutely." ms. smith appears androgynous, ageless, pixie-like. well, maybe that is about right.

well, onto another writer i adore, meg wolitzer. have you seen her photo? don't get me started. . .


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