Tuesday, April 04, 2006

what's in the Wolizter water?

i've been devouring everything i can get my hands on by both meg and hilma wolitzer. two fabulous novelists who each possess the uncanny ability to make every character just so human. so far, meg's kept me enthralled with the wife, the position and surrender, dorothy. hilma's hearts has me scrambling to get my hands on her newest, the doctor's daughter.

for quiet, yet compelling, character development, both authors deliver and satisfy. nuances of everyday life are so accurate, you can't help but become involved in the stories, catching glimpses of yourself or people you've known with every new detail, every subtle distinction.

the wolitzer women represent the type of author i look for: the one whose work i relish, the one whose style i seek out, the one i crave after i've finished reading the last of her published work.

and yes, the one i envy for undeniable artistry with words and images.

damn, they're good.


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